Create a Reading Assignment

Use Reading assignments to assign entire chapters or specific sections of your eBook to your students. Reading assignments are available with assignable eBook resources, and they are not graded.

  1. From the Assignments page, click Create Assignment.

    Be sure you're in the correct course and section.

  2. Click Reading.
  3. Enter the name of the assignment in Name Your Assignment.
  4. Set start and end dates for the assignment.
    1. Click select dates.

      The Select Dates window opens.

    2. Set the date and time for Assignment Available On.
    3. Optional: Set the date and time for Assignment Due On.
    4. Optional: Allow students to access the assignment after the due date has passed.

      Clear Same as Due Date, and set a later date and time for Assignment Unavailable On.

    5. Click Done.
  5. Select the section you want your students to read.

    Use the + buttons to expand the eBooks and chapters, and select a section. You can assign an entire chapter or an individual section.

  6. Set the assignment options.
    To do thisDo this
    Prevent students from accessing your assignment before completing a previous assignment Set Prerequisite options.
    1. Specify if the condition is based on points, percentage, completion, or time spent on the assignment.
    2. Choose the required assignment.
    3. Select the behavior if the prerequisite is not met.
  7. Click Publish.

    Your assignment information displays.

Your new assignment is added to your Assignments page.