Distribute Enrollment Instructions

Distribute enrollment instructions to your students so they can enroll in your course. The enrollment instructions include your Course Link, which links to the registration page for your course.

  1. Click the Courses tab.
  2. Locate the Course/Section Link, and click Instructions.
    The Student Registration Information page opens.

    If you do not see the Course/Section Link column displayed, click Change Information Displayed Below > Course/Section Link > Save.

  3. Distribute the enrollment instructions to your students.
    To do this Do this
    Print instructions Click Print.
    Email instructions
    1. Click Email.

      A Send Email window opens.

    2. Add recipients and edit the automatically populated fields.
    3. Click Send Email.
    Download instructions Click Download.
    Add the Course Link to your syllabus
    1. Select the entire link as it is displayed under Course/Section Link.
    2. Copy the link and paste in your syllabus.