View Student Grade Details

View individual student's scores for every assignment in your course.

  1. Click the Gradebook tab.
  2. Select a student.

    If you don't see your students listed, click Manage Columns > Student Name.

The Student Grade Details page opens.

If your Gradebook Preferences are set to display grades using percentages, the student's Overall Grade displays at the top of the page.

Total Score (Correct/Possible) Unweighted displays the student's total earned points over the total possible points that can be earned in your CNOWv2 course.

The following information displays for each assignment:
Points Earned
The points the student earned for the assignment.
Points Possible
The total possible points the student could have earned for the assignment.
The student's score as a percent.
Times Taken
The number of times the student took the assignment.
Time Spent
The amount of time the student spent taking the assignment. If multiple takes of the assignment were allowed, the time spent on the graded take. This might be the student's last take or best take depending on how you set the assignment options.
Any comments you have made on the assignment.

The assignments are grouped by grading category.

At the bottom of each grading category, Total Current Score displays the total Points Earned, Points Possible, and % for assignments in that grading category.

If you have not created any grading categories, your assignments display under the headings Default Category (100% of grade) and Assignments not currently counting towards grade (0% of grade).