Change Course End Date in CNOWv2

Change the end date of your CNOWv2 course. Then, you can change assignment dates.

Note You can also change the start date for your course. If the new start date is after an assignment due date, or if the new end date is before an assignment is available, students will not be able to take the assignment.

LMS-integrated courses

If you are using an LMS such as Blackboard® or Canvas™ to access your CNOWv2 course, contact support for help changing your course dates.

Courses not integrated with an LMS

If you access CNOWv2 from

  1. In CNOWv2, click the Courses tab.
  2. Locate a course and click Edit.
  3. Set the new date and time in Course ends on.

    If students are already enrolled, you can change the end date but not the start date. Contact support if you need to change the start date after students are enrolled.

  4. Click Save.

The end date for the course is changed in CNOWv2.

Assignment dates are not changed.