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Change the Course End Date in MindTap

Change the end date of your MindTap™ course. Then, you can change assignment dates.

Note You can also change the start date for your course. If the new start date is after an assignment due date, or if the new end date is before an assignment is available, students will not be able to take the assignment.
  1. Sign in to the Instructor Resource Center at login.cengage.com/ssoinstructor/mydashboard.htm.
  2. Select the textbook associated with your course.
  3. Click Manage Courses.
  4. Locate your course and click edit.
  5. Enter the new date in End Date.
  6. Click Save Changes.

The end date for the course is changed in MindTap.

  • Assignment dates are not changed.
  • The end date in your LMS (if you are using one) is not changed.