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Link to Your Cengage Textbook From Canvas LTI Advantage

Link to the eBook from your Canvas™ course for easy access for you and your students.

Important Do not use this procedure if your Canvas course is integrated with Cengage courseware like MindTap, SAM, or WebAssign.

This procedure is not available for K-12 schools, and might also be unavailable to other institutions.

Alternatively, see Other/Manual.

  1. Open your Canvas course.
  2. Click Modules in the course navigation.
  3. Locate or create the module that will contain your eBook link.

    The Cengage tool might not be available in both of the following locations depending on your Canvas admin's settings.

    To create an eBook link in a new module:

    1. Click more options next to +Module.
      more options next to +Module in Canvas
    2. Click the Cengage tool.

    To add an eBook link to an existing module:

    1. Locate the module and click add content.
    2. Set the dropdown to External Tool.
    3. Click the Cengage LTI Advantage tool.

      Look for magnifying glass to confirm that the tool is LTI Advantage.

  4. If prompted, sign in to your Cengage instructor account to link your Canvas and Cengage accounts.

    If you don't have a Cengage instructor account, request one here.

  5. Click Add eBook.
  6. Search for your textbook by title, author, or ISBN.
  7. To select an item, click Link to Course.
  8. Click Continue.