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Manually Link to Your Cengage eBook From Brightspace

If needed, use the Cengage eBook ISBN to manually add a link to the eBook from Brightspace®.

Important Do not use this procedure if your Brightspace course is integrated with Cengage courseware like MindTap, SAM, or WebAssign.
  1. Get the ISBN of the eBook you want your students to use.
  2. Open your Brightspace course.
  3. In Announcements, select New Announcement .
  4. Write an announcement linking to the eBook.
    1. Enter your title in Headline.
      Cengage eBook
    2. Enter your message in Content.
      To access your Cengage eBook, sign in with your Cengage email address and password (not your Brightspace credentials).
    3. Highlight your link text and click Insert Quicklink.
    4. In the Insert Quicklink menu, select URL.
    5. In URL, type the following address:

      Substitute your eBook ISBN number for ISBN.

      For example:
    6. Click Insert.
  5. Click Publish.
Your message displays to students when they sign in to Brightspace.