Add an Instructor

Primary instructors can add other instructors (or TAs) to their MindTap courses.

To add an instructor, you must be the primary instructor of a course. Added instructors must have existing Cengage accounts.

You can add an instructor either during course creation, as described in Create a Course, or later, with these steps.

Note If you manage your K-12 course through NGLSync, this feature is available from your NGLSync instructor dashboard and disabled in your MindTap course.
  1. In the Instructor Resource Center, go to Manage Courses.
  2. Click Edit icon for your MindTap course.
  3. Under Course Information, click Add Additional Instructor or TA.
  4. Type an email address corresponding to a Cengage instructor or student account, and then click Add.

    Instructor accounts are added as co-instructors; student accounts as TAs.

  5. Click Save Changes.