Add OneDrive Content as an Activity

You can add content from OneDrive as an activity in the learning path.

  1. Click + Add / Create > Activity.
  2. Click OneDrive.

    The first time you access OneDrive, grant MindTap access to manage your OneDrive files:

    1. Click Sign in and sign in to the Office account you want to use.
    2. When prompted to grant access to your Google account, click Allow.
      Note You might be prompted to sign in more than once.

    Your OneDrive files are listed.

  3. Select the file to use for the activity.

    If needed, clear Show files that have been shared with students. By default, only already-shared content is shown.

    You can share other files or upload a new file.

  4. Click Continue.
  5. Optional: Specify text to display before or after the document.
  6. Click Save.
  7. In the Assign to Course window, set the activity title, description, dates, and location in the learning path to assign the activity to your course.
    Label for the activity in the learning path.
    Information or instructions displayed when the activity is opened.
    Require Password
    Password protection to prevent students from accessing activities ahead of time.
    Available Date
    When students can start work on the activity.
    Due Date
    When students must end work on the activity.
    Associated Topic
    Textbook topic related to the activity.
    Order Within Topic
    Position in the learning path under the specified topic.
  8. Click Add.