Add a PeerMark Assignment

Create and assign PeerMark™ peer-review activities when you want your students to read, review, and evaluate each other's submitted InSite writing activities.

  1. Open an InSite writing activity.
  2. If needed, enable PeerMark for the writing activity.
    1. Click Settings.
    2. Select Enable PeerMark.
    3. Click Submit.
  3. Click PeerMark Setup.
  4. If a list of existing PeerMark assignments is displayed, click Create PeerMark Assignment.

    You can also edit or delete PeerMark assignments from the list.

  5. Specify settings for the new PeerMark assignment.
    Heading for the activity.
    Instructions for completing the review.
    Maximum points available
    Total point value of the activity.
    Students can review from
    When students can start peer review.
    Students can review until
    Due date for completing peer review.
    Peer feedback available from
    When students can begin viewing peer feedback from their peers.
  6. Optional: Click Additional Settings to set options for how students select papers to review and whether students are automatically awarded points on completing a review.
  7. Click Save and Continue.
  8. Optional: Click PeerMark Questions to add questions to the PeerMark assignment.

    You can add questions from a sample library, create your own questions, and save any question to your own libraries to provide specific peer review prompts for a PeerMark assignment.

    Note Changes you make in the PeerMark Questions tab are automatically applied to the selected PeerMark assignment.

    Do not click Create PeerMark Assignment—this does not save your changes but instead creates a new PeerMark assignment.

    To do thisDo this
    Add preexisting questions
    1. Click Add from Library > library.
    2. Select the questions to add.
    3. Click Add Selected Questions.
    Create a new question
    1. Click Add Question.
    2. Enter your question.
    3. Select the question type (and options if needed).
    4. Click Save.
    Edit a question Click Edit this question .
    Remove a question Click Delete this question and confirm your action.
    Change the question order
    1. Click Reorder questions.
    2. Drag the questions to change the order.
    3. Click Reorder questions.
To return to the list of PeerMark assignments, click Assignments.