Assign Writing Activities

You can add Write Experience activities to your MindTap course.

  1. Click + Add / Create > Activity.
  2. Click Write Experience Activity.
  3. Select a writing prompt.

    Click the prompt name to view the prompt and rubric.

    Note You can use each prompt only once in your course.
  4. Set the activity scoring settings.
  5. Under Workpage Settings, select the Write Experience features to enable.
    • MY TutorĀ® Feedback

      Show students general revision tips and examples based on the rubric.

    • MY EditorĀ®

      Show students possible spelling and grammar errors. You can restrict this to English only.

    • Writer's Models

      Show students an explanation of the grading rubric with examples.

    • Originality Detection

      Compare submitted answers with past submissions.

    Not all features are available for all prompts.

  6. Click Save Activity.
  7. In the Assign to Course window, set the activity title, description, dates, and location in the learning path to assign the activity to your course.
    Label for the activity in the learning path.
    Information or instructions displayed when the activity is opened.
    Require Password
    Password protection to prevent students from accessing activities ahead of time.
    Available Date
    When students can start work on the activity.
    Due Date
    When students must end work on the activity.
    Associated Topic
    Textbook topic related to the activity.
    Order Within Topic
    Position in the learning path under the specified topic.
  8. Click Add.

If you are using category weighting, add your new activity to a category.

Add Activities to Categories