Change Student Password

When a student forgets their password, change it for them so they can participate in your MindTap course.

Note These instructions are for K-12 teachers who access and manage MindTap courses through NGLSync.

Because NGLSync does not have student contact information, NGLSync cannot validate the identity of students who forget their passwords. You must change your students' passwords for them.

  1. If needed, sign in to the NGLSync Portal at
  2. Click Go to Dashboard.
  3. Select the student whose password you want to change.

    If the student is enrolled in your MindTap course:

    1. On the My Account & Courses tab, click your course name.

      Your Course page opens.

    2. Under Registered Students, click the student's name.

    If the student is not enrolled in your MindTap course:

    1. Click the District Directory tab.
    2. Search for the student by last name, username, or student number.
    3. Click the student's name in the search results.
    The Student page opens.
  4. Click Reset Password.
  5. Enter a new password in Password and repeat it in Confirm Password.
  6. Click Save.

Inform the student of their new password.