Copy a Course

You can copy one of your own courses or another instructor's course if they shared the course key with you.

If you manage your K-12 course through NGLSync, see Copy Course (NGLSync).
  1. Sign in to the Instructor Resource Center at
  2. Select the textbook or product for your course.
  3. Click Create Course.
  4. Either select one of your own courses or enter a key to copy a course that was shared with you.

    To copy one of your own courses:

    1. Select Copy an existing course.
    2. Select the course to copy.

    To copy another instructor's course:

    1. Select Copy from another instructor’s course.
    2. Enter the course key.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Set the course name and dates.
  7. Optional: Select Copy all activity dates from Course.
    Best Practice If you are copying a course from a past semester, this setting allows you to automatically adjust all activity dates based on the new course start and end dates during guided course setup.
  8. Optional: Click Add Meeting Time to specify the days and times when your class meets.
  9. Optional: Set the section number.
  10. Select the course time zone.
  11. Set course instructors.

    Initially, you are the only course instructor. To set a different instructor, add the instructor, make them the primary instructor, and remove yourself.

    To add or change instructors:

    To do thisDo this
    Add an instructor
    1. Click Add Additional Instructor or TA.
    2. Type the instructor's email address and click Add.

    The instructor must already have an account with the specified email address.

    Set the primary instructor Click Make Primary.
    Remove an instructor Click delete.

    You can't remove the primary instructor.

  12. Click Create Course.
  13. Optional: Use the Guided Course Setup wizard to configure your new course.