Create a Bongo Activity

Create an assignment for students to complete individually.

  1. In the toolbar, click Bongo to open Bongo.
  2. Click menu > Assignments.
  3. Click Add new item > Create individual assignment.
  4. Provide information about the assignment.
    Assignment Name
    Label for the activity in the learning path.
    Grade Type
    How you will evaluate the completed activity.
    Scale of 0 to 100%.
    Criteria specified in a rubric.
    Pass / Fail
    Full or no credit.
    Auto Pass
    Full credit to all students who submit the activity on time.
    Five Star
    Five-star rating scale.
    Activity Score
    The total points in the assignment. The value must be greater than zero.
    Counts toward final grade
    Specify whether the activity is for practice or will count toward your students' final grades.
    Give your students instructions to complete the assignment.
    Add video (Optional)
    Record or upload a video message for your students.
    Peer Review
    Turn on to require students to review each other's work.
    Number of Required Reviews
    The number of peer reviews a student must complete.
  5. Click Save.
Add your assignment to the MindTap™ learning path to make it available to students.