Create a Course Master

You can create a course master to use as a template for creating sections.

Course masters are not available in K-12 courses. To copy a K-12 section, see Copy Course (NGLSync).

Note Because course masters are used as templates when creating sections:
  • Students can't enroll directly in course masters.
  • Changes to the course master only affect sections created from the course master after it was changed.
  • Changes to the course master do not affect existing sections.
  1. Sign in to the Instructor Resource Center at
  2. Select the textbook or product for your course.
  3. Click Create Course Masters & Sections.
  4. Click Course Master.
  5. Select New and click Continue.

    Alternatively, you can create your course master by copying an existing course master, course, or section. To copy another instructor's course, you need to have the course key for that course.

  6. Provide the name, dates, and time zone for your course master.
  7. Click Create Course Master.

Your course master is created.

Usually after creating a course master, you will want to customize it for your course.