Create Sections from a Course Master

You can create multiple course sections from a course master. Each section will use the course master content and settings.

Course masters are not available in K-12 courses. To copy a K-12 section, see Copy Course (NGLSync).

You must either have created a course master or have the course key of another instructor's course master.

  1. Sign in to the Instructor Resource Center at
  2. Select the textbook or product for your course.
  3. Click Create Course Masters & Sections.
  4. Click Course Sections.
  5. Select the number of sections to create.
  6. Either select one of your own course masters or enter a key to use a course master that was shared with you.
    To use your own course master:
    1. Select Copy from my Course Master.
    2. Select the course master you want to use.
    To use a course master for which you have the key:
    1. Select Copy from Course Master Key.
    2. Type or paste the course key for the course master you want to use.
  7. Click Continue.

    The proposed course sections are listed with default values for section names, dates, and instructors.

  8. Click Expand All Sections.

    Alternatively, click Edit to expand a specific section for editing.

  9. As needed, edit the information for each course section and click Next.
    • If you change the course dates for a section, activity due dates that are before the section starts or after the section ends are not copied. Those activities are copied to the learning path without due dates.
    • The owner of the course master is always listed as the primary instructor, but you can add secondary instructors or TAs.
  10. Click Create Course Sections.

Your course sections are created.

To create more than 25 sections, repeat this process to create the additional sections you need.

If needed, edit the learning path for individual sections after creating them.