Credit / No Credit

You can make scheduled activities credit / no credit to award either full credit or no credit based on students' meeting a threshold score for the activity.

When a student submits a take for a credit / no credit activity, the activity score is compared with the credit / no credit threshold. If the score is greater than or equal to the threshold, the student receives full credit (100%) for the activity. If not, the student receives no credit (0%).

  • If an assignment allows multiple attempts, credit / no credit is applied to all takes, and the scoring strategy determines whether the best or last score is recorded in the gradebook.
  • You can't award partial credit when editing a student's score for a credit / no credit activity. You can only award full credit or no credit.
  • If a credit / no credit activity also has a late penalty, the late penalty is deducted from the full credit score.
Note You can't set credit / no credit for activities:
  • After the due date
  • That are manually graded or non-MindTap
  • If average scoring strategy has been set for the course

Changing Credit / No Credit Settings Does Not Change Existing Scores

Changing credit / no credit settings only apply to new submissions. If students have already submitted the activity under the previous settings, their scores remain the same.

The following settings are not applied retroactively:

  • adding credit / no credit scoring
  • removing credit / no credit scoring
  • changing the credit / no credit threshold score

When you apply new scoring settings to activities, a message informs you if students have already submitted attempts for those activities. To apply scoring changes to submitted activities, edit student scores.