Edit Activity Score

You can change an activity score when reviewing a student's work.

  1. To open the gradebook, click Progress > Gradebook.
  2. Click a student's activity score.

    If there is no score, click the double dashes (--).

    Information about the student's submissions and scores for the activity displays.

    Information includes the activity name, type, possible points, and instructor comments. You can grant extensions, view or delete attempts, edit attempt scores, and add comments.
  3. Click Edit Score.

    The points and percentage calculation is shown, for example, 8 / 10 = 80.0%.

    Depending on your display settings, either the possible points or the percentage is editable.

  4. Enter the new score.
  5. Optional: Add a comment to the student.
    1. Click Add a comment.
    2. Type your comment.
    3. Click Post Comment.
  6. Click Save.