Require Student IDs

You can require your students to provide their institutional student ID when they sign in to your course if it is not already associated with the student’s account.

Note Students can work in your course without providing an ID, but they will be prompted for it each time they access the course until they do. After providing an ID, students are no longer prompted.
  1. Click user icon your name > Course Settings.
  2. Click Student ID Collection to expand it.
  3. Select Enable Student ID Collection.
  4. Optional: To validate that student IDs match the length customary for your institution, set Select number of characters associated with student ID.
  5. Optional: To customize the instructions your students see for entering their student IDs, edit Custom instructions to students.
  6. Click Save settings.
  7. Click Done.

The next time students log in and access your course, they will be prompted to enter their student ID, according to any optional instructions or length requirements that you specify.

For example, if you customize instructions and specify 8 as the exact number of characters for the ID, the prompt for students might look like this:
Student ID Request prompt message showing an example of instructor-customized instructions, and two text boxes; one to enter the ID and one to confirm it, both labeled accordingly. The labels also specify the exact number of characters required, as set by the instructor. A note reads, "Do not enter your Social Security number or other sensitive private information"