Filter Gradebook

Filter your gradebook to display only certain categories of students and activities. Filter students based on their overall grade, and activities based on due date, type of activity, or grading category.

  1. To open the gradebook, click Progress > Gradebook.
  2. Apply filters.
    To filter byDo this
    Overall performance Under Overall Performance, select View All, High, Medium, or Low.

    To customize the grade ranges, select Configure Performance Ranges, set the minimum values for High Performers and Medium Performers, and click Save.

    Activity due date
    1. Click Filter by.
    2. Select Due This Week, or select Due within Date Range and set the start and end dates.
    3. Click Apply.
    Activity type
    1. Click Filter by.
    2. Select Non-practice, Practice, or All Assignments.
    3. Click Apply.
    Grading category
    1. Click Filter by.
    2. Under Filter by Category, select grading categories from the dropdown menu.

      You can select multiple categories.

    3. Click Apply.

The selected activity filters are listed above the activity columns.

To remove a filter, click remove.