Grade a Bongo Activity

Evaluate and grade your students' work.

  1. In the toolbar, click Progress.
  2. View activity details.
    1. Display the Overview or Gradebook tab.
    2. Click the activity you want to grade.
    Details about the activity are shown.
  3. Click Manage Submissions.

    The Gradebook page for this assignment opens.

  4. Click Grade student submission by a student's name.

    The Grading page for this student's submission opens.

  5. Review the work in the Submission panel.
  6. Optional: Give feedback on your student's work.

    Written feedback:

    1. Type a message in the Comment field.
    2. Click Send.

    Video feedback:

    1. To open the video recorder, click Add video.
    2. Click Record > Stop > Save.
  7. In the Grade panel, enter a grade for the assignment.

    The grading mode depends on the assignment settings.

  8. Save the grade.

    You can release a student's grade immediately after grading their submission, or save each student's grade as a draft and release all grades for your class at the same time.

    To save the grade and release it immediately, click Save.

    To save the grade and release it later, along with any other unreleased grades for this assignment:

    1. Click Save as draft.

      On the Gradebook page for this assignment, the student's grade is labeled as a draft.

    2. Optional: Review remaining student submissions and click Save as draft after grading each one.
    3. Return to the Gradebook page for this assignment.
    4. Click Menu > Finalize all drafts.

      All draft grades for this assignment are released to students.