Set Grading Options for Aplia Activities

You can set course-wide options for when Aplia™ activities are graded, how Aplia Grade It Now questions are scored, and whether students can see their previous attempts for Grade It Now questions. These options are set in the Aplia tool and not in the MindTap gradebook.

  1. In the toolbar, click Aplia.
    Tip Click Expand to see all information for the Aplia assignments.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select when Grading should happen:
    • Grade upon submission
    • Grade at due date
  4. Select the Scoring method for Grade It Now questions that allow more than one attempt:
    • Average — Use the average score of all attempts.
    • Do No Harm — Use the average score of attempts, but don't average new attempts that would lower the current average.
    • Keep the Highest — Use the highest attempt score.
    Important Changing scoring options after the course is started will affect existing scores. Notify your students if you must change the scoring method after the start of the course.
  5. Select or clear View All Attempts to let your students view their attempts for Grade It Now questions that allow more than one attempt.
  6. Click Save.