Import MindTap Grades to Your Unintegrated Canvas Course

If you are using both MindTap™ and Canvas™ but your courses are not integrated, you can still add MindTap grades to your Canvas gradebook.

Canvas requires imported grades to be formatted to their exact specifications, so you cannot export gradebook files from MindTap and import them directly to Canvas. As a workaround, export both gradebooks, copy scores from the MindTap file, paste them in the Canvas file, and import the updated Canvas file.

If you have a small class size, you can add columns directly to your Canvas gradebook and enter MindTap grades. The following steps are most useful if you are teaching a large class and do not want to enter grades manually.

  1. Open your MindTap course.
  2. To open the gradebook, click Progress > Gradebook.
  3. Optional: Filter your gradebook to display only the activities you want to import to Canvas.
  4. Export your MindTap gradebook.
    1. Click Gradebook Actions > Export.
    2. Select either Full Gradebook or Current Filtered View.
    3. Select Comma Separated Values > Points.
    4. Click Export.
  5. Open your MindTap .csv file.
  6. Open your Canvas course.
  7. Export your Canvas gradebook.
    1. In the course navigation, click Grades.
    2. Click Actions > Export.
  8. Open your Canvas .csv file.
  9. Make sure your students are listed in the same order in both .csv files.
    Note You might need to use the Sort feature in your spreadsheet to organize the MindTap file by student ID number. Do not edit the order your students are listed in the Canvas .csv file.
  10. In a new column of your Canvas .csv file, enter the name of the assignment you want to add to Canvas in the top row.
  11. Enter the total points possible in the second row.
  12. Copy your students' scores from the MindTap .csv file and paste them in the Canvas .csv file.
  13. Save your Canvas file as a .csv file.

    Do not change the file format. Canvas will only accept .csv files.

  14. Import your updated Canvas gradebook.
    1. In Canvas, click Actions > Import.
    2. Click Choose File and select your Canvas .csv file.
    3. Click Upload Data.

    Canvas asks to confirm the additions to your gradebook.

  15. Set the dropdown for all new assignments to A new assignment.
    If there are unexpected assignments, set them to Bogus, ignore it.
  16. Click Continue > Save Changes.