View PeerMark Assignments

Review PeerMark™ assignments to see students' development as readers, writers, and collaborators.

Note The PeerMark component of an assignment cannot be scored in MindTap™.
  1. In the learning path, click an InSite writing activity that includes a PeerMark review assignment.
  2. Click the PeerMark Reviews tab.
  3. Click an assignment title.
  4. Open a list of a student's peer reviews.
    • For reviews the student gave others, click the Submitted number.
    • For reviews the student received, click the Received number.
  5. Click a review to open it in PeerMark .
  6. To read responses to prompts, click Questions.
  7. To view a list of all comments, click Comments.
  8. To view a comment in context, click Comment on the document.