Create a Rubric

Evaluate your students' performance on InSite writing activities and create a rubric they can use throughout the activity.

  1. Open an InSite writing activity.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Optional Settings.
  4. Click Attach a rubric.
  5. Click Launch Rubric Manager.
  6. Click View available rubrics and options > Create new rubric.
  7. Type a title in Enter rubric name here.
  8. Specify the assessment criteria and rating scale.
    To do thisDo this
    Define criteria

    Click a Criterion label and enter activity criteria or objectives.

    To give more information, click below the label and enter descriptions.

    Define the assessment scale

    Click a Scale label and enter the rating or assessment scale.

    To explain expectations for criteria at different levels of the assessment scale, click rubric cells and enter descriptions.

    Add criteria or scale values Click Add.
    Delete criteria or scale values Mouse over the header and click Delete.
  9. Select a Rubric Scoring option.
    Standard rubric scoring Standard rubric

    Weight each criterion by its percentage of the activity score and assign a point value to each level on the assessment scale.

    The maximum score is the highest value on the scale.

    Custom rubric scoring Custom rubric

    Assign a point value to each criterion at each level of the assessment scale.

    The maximum score is the sum of the highest values for each criterion.

    Unscored rubric Qualitative rubric

    Provide guidance and feedback with the rubric, but do not use it to score activities.

  10. Click Save.
Attach your rubric to an InSite activity.