Grade an InSite Writing Activity

Grade students' InSite writing activities and give feedback with Feedback Studio .

  1. Click an InSite writing activity in the learning path.
  2. To open a student's submission, click its title.

    Feedback Studio opens in a new window.

  3. Read and mark the writing activity.
    To do thisDo this
    Give feedback on specific aspects of the submission

    Highlight text or click anywhere in the writing activity and select a comment type.

    QuickMark QuickMark
    Prewritten comments from a library of common feedback, such as Citation Needed or Weak Transition
    Comment Comment
    Comments students click to open
    Inline Comment Inline
    Comments written directly on the submission
    Give feedback on the overall submission

    Click Feedback Summary.

    You can leave audio and text feedback.

    Strike through text Highlight text and click Strike.
    Delete a comment or strike mark Select the feedback and click Delete.
  4. Score the activity.

    To enter a score directly, type a value after the submission title at the top of Feedback Studio.

    To score using a rubric:

    1. Click Rubric / Form.
    2. Rate each criterion.
    3. Click Apply to Grade.
To open another student's submission, click Next submission.