Import a Rubric

Import rubrics you created in Turnitin® or Excel to use with InSite activities in MindTap™.

You may need to reformat Excel rubrics to use in InSite. Formatting instructions and an InSite-compatible template are provided in the Import Rubrics window.

Tip To make a new rubric in Excel, download and edit the example template.

Students can reference their activity's rubric as they work.

  1. Open an InSite writing activity.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Optional Settings.
  4. Click Attach a rubric.
  5. Click Launch Rubric Manager.
  6. To import a rubric, click View import/export options > Import.

    The Import Rubrics window opens with formatting instructions and a downloadable example template.

  7. Click Select files and upload your rubric.
Attach your rubric to an InSite activity.