Instructor Roles and Permissions

Instructors can teach MindTap courses individually, or can share the responsibility with additional instructors and teaching assistants (TAs).

Instructor Roles

MindTap courses have the following instructor roles.



Primary instructor

Course creator, or another instructor in the same course assigned as primary instructor role.


Cengage instructor account added as an instructor to an existing course.

Teaching assistant (TA)

Cengage student account added as an instructor to an existing course.

Note K-12 courses do not have a TA role.

Each course has only one primary instructor, but can have multiple co-instructors and TAs.

Instructor Permissions

Instructor roles can have the following permissions.


Example Actions

Manage Activities (Edit/Add)

  • Add, edit, move, hide/show, or delete activities.
    Note You can only delete the activities you add.
  • Add, edit, move, hide/show, or delete folders and units in the course content.
  • Edit the course outline title.

View and Manage gradebook

  • Extend a due date for a student.
  • Add comments for a student.
  • Edit grades for a student.
  • Drop a student.

Manage course settings

  • Edit permissions for instructors or TAs.
  • Change dashboard settings.
  • Edit activity settings.

Primary instructor only

  • Edit course start and end dates.
  • Rename or delete a course.
  • Add or remove instructors or TAs.
  • Change the primary instructor.