Late Submission

You can set late submission for an activity so that students can submit work after the due date has passed. Optionally, you can assign a late penalty to subtract scoring points. You can set late submission for CNOW, SAM, Aplia, Assessments, and MindApp CXP activities.

Note Setting late submission does not change the number of available submissions for the activity.

Icons indicating late submission are as follows:

  • Late Submission Enabled - Identifies activities set for late submission.
  • Late Submission made - Identifies activities submitted during the late submission period.
  • Late Submission Disabled - Identifies activities with no due date that are set for late submission. Late submission settings take effect only after you set a due date.

Click or hover over an icon to display details about the late submission.


Due dates can be extended for activities or for individual students.

  • If you grant an extension for an activity already set for late submission, the late submission period begins when the extended due date expires.
  • If you extend the due date after a student receives a late penalty, you can manually override the score to remove the penalty.

Automatic submission

If an activity is in progress when the due date passes, it is automatically submitted for grading without penalty.

Students can reopen an automatically submitted activity during the late submission period and resubmit it for grading. Late penalties apply.

Note SAM activities cannot be reopened.

If an activity is in progress when the late submission period ends, it is automatically submitted for grading and late penalties apply.

Late Penalties

Set a late penalty to subtract percentage points from the student's assignment grade for assignments submitted after the due date.

For example, a 10% late penalty reduces a student's assignment grade from 90% to 80%.

Credit / No Credit

If you set a late penalty for a credit / no credit assignment, the late penalty is subtracted from the full credit score. For example, a credit / no credit assignment with a 20% late penalty that is submitted late would receive a final score of either 80% (full credit minus 20%) or 0% (no credit).


Late submissions do not apply to:

  • Activities whose due date is the same as the course end date
  • Past due activities
  • Non-MindTap activities
  • Inline activities

Late penalties do not apply to manually graded activities.