Set Late Submission for Activities

Allow students to submit an activity within a specified number of days past the due date. You can grant a late submission with or without a scoring penalty.

  1. In the toolbar, click Progress.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. Click Set Late Policy.
  4. Optional: Click Filter by to filter your assignments by due date and category.
  5. Optional: To search by the name of an assignment, type the name or a keyword in the Jump To box.
  6. Select each activity whose settings you want to change.

    To select all activities, click the checkbox beside Assignment Name.

  7. Under Set Late Policy, specify the late submission period.
    Note Submissions must be made before the end of the course even if the specified number of days extends past that date.
  8. Optional: Turn on Late Penalty and set the percentage of the total score to subtract as a penalty.

    For example, if you specify 25% as a late penalty, a late submission subtracts 25% from the final activity score.

  9. Click Apply.

    Activities with late submission display Late Submission Enabled. Click the activity to view the details of the late policy.

Click or hover over an icon to display details about the late submission.

When a student submits an attempt during the late submission period, their activity score displays Late Submission made in the Progress tool.