Manually Grade World Language Activities

Find and grade activities in your world language course that require manual grading. You can grade your activities by student or by question.

  1. In the toolbar, click Progress.
  2. Locate your activity and click Grade Now.

    Manually graded activities display Manually Graded.

    To display only activities that require manual grading, click Needs Manual Grading.

    Needs Manual Grading
  3. Click a student's name from the list on the left to view their submission.
    Students with ungraded questions display Not Graded next to their name.
  4. To select a question, click Q1 to open the dropdown.

    Question pages that require manual grading display Manually Graded, but you can edit the score on any page.

  5. Assign points to a question page.
    • To assign full credit, click Full Credit.
    • To assign partial credit, click Edit and enter a point value.
    • To assign zero credit, click Zero Credit.
  6. Leave a comment on the question page.
    1. Enter your comment under Question Comment.
    2. Click special character button to include accented letters and other characters.
    3. Click Post Comment.

    The student will know that your comment applies to this specific page. Alternatively, click Activity and then click Write Comment or Record Comment to comment at the activity level.

  7. Move to a new question.
    • To grade a different question for the same student, click the question dropdown and select a new question or use Next question / previous question to move to the next question.
    • To grade the same question for a different student, click a new student name from the list or use Next question / previous question to move to the next student.
  8. Optional: To override the calculated overall activity score, click Activity > Adjust Score and enter a point value.