Edit Settings for Individual World Language Activities

Override your course default question submission, feedback, and scoring settings for a specific activity. Or, set a time limit for the language activity.

Important You cannot change settings for an activity after students have started work.
  1. At the top of the activities list, turn on Edit .
  2. Click edit icon Edit next to the activity.
  3. Click Edit Activity Options.
  4. Beside Activity Settings at the top of the page, click edit icon Edit.
  5. Select the Question Submission Mode.

    This setting affects the other available activity settings.

    Submit when 100% correct

    For learning activities.

    • Students are given immediate feedback and unlimited attempts for questions.
    • Students must correctly answer all questions to submit the activity.
    • The activity is set as Credit/No Credit by default, with 100% completion required for credit.
    Multiple attempts to improve score

    For practice and assessment activities.

    • Students have a specified number of attempts to try to correctly answer each question.
    • Display of correctness marks (✓ / ✗), answer keys, hints, and question points is configurable.
  6. Change the feedback and scoring settings as needed.
    Note These settings do not affect manually graded Manually Graded questions.

    If Question Submission Mode is Multiple attempts to improve score:

    Question Attempts
    How many times the student can submit a question (1-10).
    Note For manually graded questions, only one attempt is allowed.
    Question Attempts
    How many times the student can submit a question (1-10).
    Show Correctness Marks (✓ / ✗)
    When to show students their correct and incorrect answers.
    Show Correct Answer
    When to show students the answer key for the activity.
    Show Feedback
    When to show students any available hints or guidance for how to answer the question.
    Show Points Possible
    When to show students the available points for each question.
    Show Earned Score
    When to show students their earned points for each question.

    For either Question Submission Mode:

    Grading Policy
    Count either the student's Best Attempt (recommended) or Last Attempt for the final activity score.
    Counts Toward Grade
    If turned on, the activity score is used as part of the overall course grade.
    Credit/No Credit
    If turned on, award full credit when the student achieves the threshold score.
    Accent Scoring
    If turned on, accents must be correct to receive credit.
    Capitalization Scoring
    If turned on, capitalization must be correct to receive credit.
    Punctuation Scoring
    If turned on, punctuation must be correct to receive credit.
  7. Optional: Set a time limit for the activity.

    Turn on Time Limit and set the amount of time students have to complete the activity after starting it.

  8. Click Apply Settings.
  9. Click Save and Close.
  10. Click Save.