Drop Activity for a Student

You can drop an activity from grade calculations for a student, for example, to excuse the student from completing the activity. The dropped activity score is not counted toward points possible or earned for any calculations.

  1. To open the gradebook, click Progress > Gradebook.
  2. Click a student's activity score.

    If there is no score, click the double dashes (--).

    Information about the student's submissions and scores for the activity displays.

    Information includes the activity name, type, possible points, and instructor comments. You can grant extensions, view or delete attempts, edit attempt scores, and add comments.
  3. Click Remove beside the recorded score.
  4. When prompted, click Confirm.

The displayed score for the dropped activity is --.

The dropped activity is not considered in any grade calculations for the student.

Because manually dropped activities are not considered in grade calculations, they are not dropped when you drop the lowest score.