Customize the Learning Path

Rearrange content in your course to create a customized learning experience for your students. Move units, folders, and activities to different locations in the learning path.

Your learning path is organized with either units or folders at the top level. Follow the pattern of the existing content in your learning path when adding new units and folders.

A unit can be placed in a folder, but not in another unit.

A folder can be placed in a unit, but not in another folder.

  1. At the top of the activities list, turn on Edit .
  2. Click edit icon Edit.
  3. Set the location of the item in the learning path.
    To put the item Do this
    In a unit or folder Select the unit or folder from the Associated Topic menu.
    At the top level of the learning path Select the title of the learning path from the Associated Topic menu.
    At a specific location in the learning path, unit, or folder Select an option from the Order Within Topic menu.
  4. Click Save.