Review InSite Writing Activity Using PeerMark

Use PeerMarkā„¢ to review and provide feedback on a student's writing assignment, in the same manner as student peer reviewers.

  1. In the learning path, click an InSite writing activity that includes a PeerMark review assignment.

    The PeerMark Reviews tab is visible for writing assignments that also have review assignments.

  2. Click the PeerMark Reviews tab.
  3. Click Start editing..

    If you started and saved your review, click Continue editing..

    Note PeerMark opens and displays the paper and the tools you can use to provide feedback.
  4. Review the paper and provide your feedback.
    To do thisDo this
    Add a comment Click anywhere in the text or highlight text.
    Mark up the paper Click Tools to open the tools palette to:
    • Type directly onto the paper
    • Highlight
    • Underscore
    • Strikethrough selected text
    Save feedback and continue later Close the PeerMark window.

    Answer prepared questions (if any) to provide specific review feedback about the writing.

  5. Click Submit to submit your review feedback.
    Your feedback becomes available for the author of the paper to view.