Share Your Course, Course Master, or Section

You can allow other instructors to copy your courses, course masters, or sections by sharing the course key with them.

The course key is shown when you finish creating a course, course master, or section. You can get the course key for higher education courses from the Instructor Resource Center and the course key for K-12 courses from the NGLSync instructor dashboard.

  1. Sign in to the Instructor Resource Center at
  2. In the Instructor Resource Center, navigate to your course, course master, or section.
    1. Select the textbook or product for your course.
    2. Click Manage Courses.
    3. Click either the Courses or Course Masters & Sections tab.
  3. Click course key for the course, section, or course master you want to share.

    The course key is displayed.

Note When you create sections from a course master, the owner of the course master is automatically enrolled as an instructor.