View Activities

In MindTap, view activities in several different ways to see how your class is doing throughout the semester. View your learning activities as an outline or week by week. Filter the learning path to see only certain kinds of activities.

Outline View
This view displays activities according to the structure of the textbook. You can hide activities from your students and arrange activities as needed.
To display activities in the outline view, click outline view.
Week View
This view displays activities broken up into weeks according to the due dates. The week with the current date displays first.
To display activities by week, click week view.

If an activity due date has passed or there is no due date set, the activity does not display in Week View.

To filter the activities in outline or week view, click Filters Filters and select the filters that apply.

Additional Views in Progress

You can also view activities in the Progress app Home tab.

Rolling View
This view displays the following:
  • Activities coming up in the next 7 days
  • Activities that have already passed the due date
  • Activities that have no due date but have submissions
  • Percentage of submissions
  • Average score for activities
Outline View
This view displays activities following the outline view. You can click on the activities to view:
  • Individual student scores
  • Number of attempts
  • Activity information
  • Reports
    Note Reports are not available for all courses.
  1. In the toolbar, click Progress .
  2. To switch between views, click the current view name beside Viewing and select the view you want to see.