Request Refund for a Print Rental

Print rentals fulfilled by Cengage that are returned and received within 21 days of purchase will be refunded.

For more information on Cengage print rental returns, contact us directly via our support site or 800.354.9706.

  1. Sign in at
  2. In the sidebar, click Your name  > My Orders.
  3. Click Expand to expand an order and view the details.
  4. Click Rental Options next to the order you want refunded.

    Your Rental Options page opens.

  5. Click Cancel Rental next to the order you want refunded.

    This option is unavailable for rentals after 21 days.

  6. Select a reason for cancellation.
  7. Click Cancel my Rental > Continue
  8. Review your shipping address and click Confirm.
  9. Click Download Image to download the prepaid UPS label to your computer.

    You must print and include this label on top of your package in order to receive a refund on your rental.

  10. Place your rental book in a package and attach the UPS label.
    Note If you are returning multiple rentals you may package them all in one box. However, you must print a separate label for each rental. Each label must be fully visible when attached.
  11. Bring your package to a UPS drop-off location.