Complete Reading Activities

You can complete assigned reading activities from the learning path.

Reading activities are not graded.

  1. Click the reading activity in the learning path.

    The chapter or section opens in your browser.

  2. Read the assigned section of the eBook.
    To do this Do this
    Navigate in the eBook

    Click Previous Page or Next Page to turn the page.

    Click a link to go to a specific section.

    Listen to a spoken reading of the text Click Listen to this page using ReadSpeaker.
    Adjust size of the text Click Select small text, select medium text, or select large text.
    See the definition of a term Click a term that is displayed as a link to view its definition.
    Bookmark a page Click Add Bookmark to this Page.
    Complete inline activites Click expand to open the activity. Follow the instructions and click Submit when finished.
  3. To close the reader, click Close.

    You do not need to submit reading activities.