Complete Pronounce Activities

You can practice pronunciation when completing audio recording activities.

Enable pop-up windows in your browser before proceeding.

Recording and listening to audio are both required to complete pronounce activities. Do not use a Bluetooth microphone to complete activities to avoid issues in A/V submissions.

  1. Open a Pronunciation activity within your course.
  2. Click Start Assignment Now.
    A pop-up displays.
  3. Follow the instructions on the pop-up configuration page for first time set-up.
    Once set-up is complete, the green meter below Record Audio Configuration Test moves in response to audio input.
  4. Click here to open the activity.
  5. Click a vocabulary word under Terms.
    The word and the pronunciation broken down by syllable displays.
  6. Record your pronunciation of a term.
    1. Click Play to listen to a term.
    2. Click Record, pronounce the term, then click Stop.

    The program compares your recording to the example and provides a Confidence Score. Your Confidence Score must match or be higher than Confidence Required to pass the assessment.

  7. Repeat the previous step until you are happy with the result, then click Next to proceed to the next term.

    You can attempt recordings infinitely.

  8. Once satisfied with the recording, click Next to proceed the next term.
  9. Once finished with all the terms, click Submit.
    A confirmation pop-up displays.
  10. Click Ok to confirm
    An overview of your results displays.
  11. Click Play to play your recording. Click Review to review your score.