Complete Activities

Practice what you learn with MindTap activities—readings, media, homework, assessments, and so on—typically for course credit or a grade. Each answer to a question is called an attempt. For some activities, you can make multiple attempts to answer correctly.

  1. Click to begin an activity.
  2. If a password is required, enter the password and click Launch Assignment.
  3. Follow the instructions and answer each question.
  4. Click Submit.

Some activities do not have a Submit button.

Most activities, including those that do not have a Submit button, automatically submit if they are in progress when the due date passes. If you begin an attempt and do not manually submit it, it will be automatically submitted on the due date. Depending on how the activity is scored, this could negatively affect your grade. Be sure to complete all attempts to the best of your ability.

Completed activities display your score.


  • Manual grading – Some activities, like essays, short answers, and audio recordings, are manually graded by your instructor. Manually graded activities display manually graded.
  • Automatic grading – Some activities, like multiple choice, matching, and true or false, are automatically graded after each answer attempt.


  • Credit only – Some activity scores are for credit only—to receive credit for the activity, you must complete all sections and score 100% on each question.
  • In-progress – Some activities with multi-part answers display scoring results as you progress through each part.