Late Submission

Your instructor can choose to accept late submissions for a designated period of time, but you might receive a late penalty to your score.

Activities with late submission display Late Submission Enabled. Click the activity to view the details of the late policy.

Your instructor can apply a late penalty to your score for attempts submitted during the late submission period. Click Late Submission Enabled from your learning path to display activity details including the late submission deadline and whether a late penalty will be applied.

When you submit an attempt during the late submission period, the activity displays Late submission made.

Note Allowing late submissions does not change the number of available submissions for the activity.

Automatic submission

If an activity is in progress when the due date passes, it is automatically submitted for grading without penalty.

You can reopen an automatically submitted activity during the late submission period and resubmit it for grading. Late penalties apply.

Note Most SAM activities cannot be reopened. SAM projects can only be reopened if:
  • The project does not have a time limit.
  • The final available attempt was auto-submitted on the due date.
  • The project has been made available by late submission or due date extension.

To reopen a SAM project, select the project on the learning path. Click Review, then click Re-activate attempt.

If an activity is in progress when the late submission period ends, it is automatically submitted for grading and late penalties apply.

Credit / No Credit

If a credit / no credit assignment has a late penalty, the late penalty is subtracted from the full credit score automatically after submission. For example, a credit / no credit assignment with a 20% late penalty that is submitted late would receive a final score of either 80% (full credit minus 20%) or 0% (no credit).