Practice with a Study Center Quiz

You can create practice quizzes for upcoming assessments with the Study Center in MindTap. In the Study Center app, you can customize the quizzes based on topics you want covered and the length of the quizzes.

The Study Center is available in the following courses:
  • U.S. History
  • American Government
  • General Chemistry
  1. Click Study Center at the top of the screen.
  2. Click Create a New Quiz.
  3. Enter the following details about the quiz:
    • Units
    • Title
    • Number of Questions to Generate
  4. Click Take the Quiz.
  5. Answer the question and click Submit Answer.
  6. Optional: For more practice, click Try Another Version to generate a similar question.
  7. Optional: Click Save for later to exit the quiz.
    The quiz saves for later editing and submission.
  8. To exit and complete the quiz, click Finish.

    Quiz results show how you performed on each question. The scoring breakdown might indicate areas for further review.

  9. Optional: For more practice, click Retake to take the assignment again with different questions.