Add a Video to Your Bongo Assignment

Record or upload a video for your Bongoâ„¢ assignment.

The maximum file size is 20 GB.
  1. Open your assignment.
  2. Click Add new item > Video.
  3. Record a video in Bongo or select a pre-recorded video to upload.
    To do thisDo this
    Record a video in Bongo
    1. Click Record Video.
    2. To start recording, click Record.
    3. To stop recording, click Stop.
    4. To review your video, click Play.
    5. To delete your video, click Reset.
    6. To download your video, click Download.
    7. To save your video and attach it to your assignment, click Save.
    To upload a video from your computer
    1. Click Upload Video.
    2. Click Click Here or Drop File.
    3. Select a video.
    4. Click Begin Upload.
    To upload a video from a file-hosting service
    1. Click Upload Video.
    2. Select Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to upload a file from an account with that service.
    3. Select a video.

    The recommended upload speed is 1 Mbps. It might take a few minutes for your video to process.

    Your video is shown in the Work in Progress panel.

  4. Optional: Rename your video by clicking Additional Options > Edit and typing a new name.
  5. Move your video from Work in Progress to Ready to Submit by clicking Additional Options > Mark as Ready.
    Important Your instructor can only see videos that you marked as Ready.
  6. When your assignment is complete, click Submit Assignment.