Assign a Test

Make the test available to your students.

  1. Select Classes and Assignments from the Section dropdown.
  2. In Classes, select your class and click Options > Open Class.
  3. In Tests, select your test and click Options > New Assignment from Test.
  4. Review the test information and click Next.
  5. Check that the correct students are included and click Next.
  6. Select Limit availability to specific date/time range and set dates and times.
  7. Review additional settings and click Next.

    Select Use scrambling to randomize the order of questions and answers and recalculate algorithm variables.

  8. Choose what information to provide when students complete the test and click Next.
  9. Choose if and when students can access a full test review and click Next.
  10. Copy the online access URL to distribute to students, or click Email Invites to email the URL to all assigned students.
  11. Click Finish.