Enable Honorlock Exam Proctoring for Blackboard-Integrated OWLv2

If you use Blackboard®, you can ensure academic integrity by using Honorlock®. Link your test from Blackboard and enable Honorlock. Your students will be monitored by Honorlock for the duration of the exam in OWLv2.

Note While Cengage supports our learning platform integrations with several Learning Management Systems, proctoring solutions are third party services that we do not directly support. The LMS and proctoring solution versions we have tested might not be the same versions you use. For this reason, your process and results might vary and Cengage cannot guarantee support for any third party proctoring service.

This procedure is for Blackboard courses with the Original Course View.

Honorlock is a browser extension and works only with Google® Chrome™. Students must use Google Chrome to take their exam.

You must first create a password protected exam in OWLv2, and add a link to your exam Blackboard.

  1. In your Blackboard course, locate your OWLv2 exam link, right click, and copy the link address.

    This is the link you will add to your Blackboard test.

  2. Navigate to a content area in your Blackboard course.
  3. If you haven't already done so, add the Honorlock LTI link to your content area.
    1. Click Build Content > HonorLock LTI.
    2. Enter "Honorlock LTI" in the Name field.
    3. Click Submit.
    Note If you do not see Honorlock LTI under Build Content, Honorlock is not configured for your institution.

    A link to the Honorlock LTI tool is added to your content area.

  4. Click the Honorlock LTI link.
  5. Click menu > Register Third Party Exam.
  6. Enter the necessary information.

    Under Exam Password, enter the same password you set for your exam in OWLv2.

    Under Exam Platform, enter OWLv2.

  7. Under Student Guidelines, click Show Additional Instructions.

    An empty field displays.

  8. Paste the link to your OWLv2 exam that you copied earlier. You can also include any instructions for your students.

    Do not provide your students with the exam password in the instructions. Honorlock will automatically enter the exam password for students.

  9. Click Create.

Students will access the exam by clicking the Honorlock link you added to your course.

Students that do not have the Honorlock extension installed will be prompted to do so when they open the exam. They will not be allowed to open the exam until they have installed Honorlock on Google Chrome.