Create a Course Manually

Create a new course in OWLv2 and manually add assignments later.

  1. Sign in to the Instructor Center at login.cengage.com/ssoinstructor/mydashboard.htmfaculty.cengage.com.
  2. If you have not already done so, add the textbook or product you want to use to your library.
    1. Enter a title, author, ISBN, or keyword in the search bar.
    2. Optional: Sort and filter your search results.
    3. Click a title.
    4. Click + My Library.
  3. Click My Library and locate your textbook.
  4. Click Manage Course.

    OWLv2 opens to your home page.

  5. From the Courses page, click Create a New Course.
  6. Click Build a Course Manually > Continue.
  7. If needed, select the textbook to use for your new course from Product.

    The Digital product student will buy field displays the name of the digital product your students will buy for the course.

    Note If you see an error message that your product has been retired, you can no longer use that product. Contact your Cengage representative for assistance.

    If your product will be retired soon, consider using a more recent edition.

  8. Enter your course information.
    1. Enter the Course Name.
    2. Optional: Enter the Course Number.
    3. Set the date and time for Course starts on.
    4. Set the date and time for Course ends on.
  9. Optional: Provide a link to your syllabus to make it available to your students from your course.
  10. Optional: Edit email settings.

    This feature lets student email you during their assignments. The email includes the student's message and a link to their assignment.

    To prevent students from emailing you during their assignments, clear Allow students to send emails to the instructor while taking assignments.

  11. Optional: Select Require students to provide a student ID on login.

    Students whose Cengage accounts do not include their student ID are asked to add this information when they sign in to your course. Use this feature if you need student IDs for reporting purposes or to distinguish between different students with the same name.

  12. Click Create Course.

    Your course information, including your course key, displays.

    Note Your students need the course key to enroll in your course.

Your new course is added to your list of Courses and Sections on the Courses page.