Create an External Web Link Assignment

Use External Web Link assignments to link to additional, outside assignments from OWLv2. Creating External Web Link assignments allows you to include outside assignments in your gradebook.

  1. From the Assignments page, click Create Assignment.

    Be sure you're in the correct course and section.

  2. Click External Web Link > Continue.
  3. Enter the assignment information.
    1. Enter the Assignment Name.
    2. Set the date and time for Assignment Available On.
    3. Optional: Set the date and time for Assignment Due On.
    4. Optional: Allow students to access the assignment after the due date has passed.

      Clear Same as Due Date, and set a later date and time for Assignment Unavailable On.

    5. Apply a late penalty to assignments submitted after the due date.

      Select Penalty for submissions after due date, and set the percentage of the penalty. You can also set the percentage of a subsequent penalty that students incur for every additional hour, day, or week that the submission is late.

      All date and time fields must be complete before you can set a late penalty.

  4. Click Continue.

    The Assignment Content page opens.

  5. Paste the link to your assignment in URL.
  6. Click Continue.

    The Assignment Options page opens.

  7. Click Create Assignment.

    Your assignment information displays.

Your new assignment is added to your Assignments page.