Create Grading Categories

Create grading categories to group assignments. The average score of a grading category counts as a percentage of students' overall grades.

Assignments are color coded by category in the gradebook. Colors are randomly assigned to grading categories on the Edit Grading Categories page. The color displays as a bar above the assignments in the category. The category name is also listed before the assignment name, as pictured below:
Example of an assignment in the gradebook that belongs to the grading category Homework.
  1. Click the Gradebook tab.
  2. Click Edit Grading Categories.
  3. Enter a name for the category in Create New Category, Named.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Set a percentage in % of Grade.
    This is the percentage of the final grade the category is worth.
  6. Optional: Add a comment to remind yourself what kind of assignments belong in this category.
  7. Click Save or Save & Return.
You can edit the Category Name, % of Grade, and Comment in the list of categories on the Edit Grading Categories page. Be sure to click Save after editing.