Edit Adaptive Study Plan and Quick Prep Assignment Options

You can edit the default assignment options for Adaptive Study Plans and Quick Prep assignments. If some of your students have already begun the assignment, the changes you make do not apply to those students.

  1. Click the Assignments tab.
  2. Locate the assignment and click Edit.
  3. Click Edit Assignment Options > Continue.
  4. Edit the assignment options.
    To do thisDo this
    Set the number of times students may take the quizzes within the assignment In Assignment Takes, set Quiz takes allowed within assignment take.
    Note You cannot change the number of overall takes allowed or the time allowed per take for Adaptive Study Plans.
    Allow/restrict feedback during the assignment Under Feedback during Activity Take, set Show feedback in Quiz results page.
    Identify the learning objectives of the assignment In Objective Option, select main objectives to remove them from the assignment.
    Prevent students from accessing your assignment before completing a previous assignment Set Prerequisite options.
    1. Select the condition of your prerequisite.
    2. Enter the details of your prerequisite. This usually includes choosing the required assignment.
    3. Select the behavior if the prerequisite is not met.
    Specify how the assignment is graded Set Grading options.
    Possible Score
    Set the highest possible point value of the assignment. This can be a specific number or not graded.
    Curve factor of
    Set a curve factor to increase or decrease scores by a certain percentage.
    Note To increase scores, set the curve factor above 100. For example, set the curve factor to 110 to increase scores by 10%.
    Pass/Fail at
    If your assignment is pass/fail rather than scored, set the percentage students must earn in order to pass the assignment. The gradebook displays Passed or Failed.
    Extra Credit
    Select if the assignment counts as extra credit.
    Allow/restrict feedback during the assignment
    Note Adaptive Study Plans only
    Set Feedback during Assignment options to determine if and when students receive hints, feedback, and error detection.
    Allow/restrict feedback after the assignment
    Note Quick Prep assignments only
    Set Feedback after Assignment options to determine if and when students can view their overall assignment score, question details, student responses and question scores, and correct answers and feedback.
    Hide the activity from the Study Tools page Under Hide Study Tools, select Hide the activity from students on the Study Tools tab.
  5. Click Done.

    Your changes are saved.